Rabu, 26 Februari 2014

Introducing The Samsung Galaxy S5

The Vice President of Samsung's European Telecom Operations, Jean-Daniel Ayme, announced at the Barcelona launch that the phone boasts "great camera that our customers will love". In addition to the Galaxy S5, Samsung is already preparing to launch its new Smartwatch, the Gear 2, and the Gear Fit, the latter is a fitness band that can be worn to measure the power of a user’s fitness during a workout.
Jason Jenkins, the editor of CNET, has remarked on the cutting edge new technology that Samsung has unveiled at the Mobile World Congress: "There were two stories at Samsung's event tonight: the end of true smartphone innovation and the emergence of wearable tech. There are some cool new features on the Galaxy S5 to be sure, and it being waterproof is handy”.
This new mobile technology is largely regarded as providing Samsung with the leverage the company needs to become the most powerful mobile phone business in the industry, challenging Apple to update its IPhone technology so that it can compete with such advanced quality. Perhaps a reduction in roaming costs will be a good strategy to entice customers?
However, there has been some criticism of the Galaxy S5 as it looks very similar to the last two top-end Samsung phones, suggesting that owners of the Galaxy S3 and S4 will not be in any rush to go out and purchase the latest model.
The three wearable tech products that Samsung has introduced are more likely to inspire public interest. This is a new development which although not a guaranteed means of generating sales, the originality of these items could make them the year’s biggest selling technology for Samsung.
The Galaxy S5 will go on general sale in April 2014.
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